What a Week

While all my friends back home are wrapping up finals, I am just starting my midterm exams. So far, so good. I don’t think I’m about to fail any of my courses any time soon, but we’ll see how my econ exam goes tomorrow.

Do I look like a German Bierfrau?

More importantly, I’m going to Munich for Frühlingsfest! It’s basically the springtime version of Oktoberfest with fewer tourists. So my friend who is also named Emma and I went Dirndl shopping today. For those of you who do not know about traditional German fashion, a dirndl is a traditional German dress in three parts. There’s the dress, the blouse, and the apron. We went to a thrift store and had to search through bins to mix and match each part. I ended up getting everything for only 70 euros, which doesn’t sound cheap, but for dirndls, it’s a pretty good price. Plus, I’m going to wear it this weekend at Frühlingsfest and at every German club event for the rest of my college career.

Also, it is currently Spargelzeit in Deutschland, which means there is asparagus everywhere. Germany is especially known for its white asparagus, which I had never tried before today. Emma and I went to this great traditional German restaurant and I got to order of the Spargelzeit menu! It was a delicious meal of potatoes and asparagus, very German.

All in all, a busy week. I’ll be sure to write all about my trip to Munich this weekend!


Classes are the Same in Every Country

So classes are going well. I just switched a couple today so I am officially taking the following

  1. German Language in Context
  2. Environmental Policies and Green Business in Freiburg
  3. Germany in the 21st Century: A Country Between Past, Present, and Future
  4. Germany as a Location for Business and Industry in the 21st Century
  5. Public Opinion, Propaganda, Political Process

I have not yet attended a class for the propaganda course, since I just picked it up today. Even though I was really excited about it, I had to drop history, because I could not handle four consecutive classes on Tuesdays. I can’t remember how I did it in high school.

Other than that, classes are going as well as can be expected. They are challenging because they are all in German, but interesting because they are all in German. My motivation to do homework is minimal, because there are so many better things I could be doing with my time. Plus, these classes don’t affect my GPA, so I just have to pass. Really, once I get more used to having homework again, I’ll be fine, but for now, it is torture.

A Beautiful Day

The past week, I’ve mostly been getting into a routine and working hard in my German class. I’ve been learning a lot, and my teacher told me that I could move up from the middle class to the top class, but I decided not to do so. I really like our group of people, and frankly, I think that the other class would be too challenging. Yesterday was the last day of OIL classes (intensive two-week German language) and the first beautiful day all week. After the test, my class went to get coffee and sit outside in the sun. For lunch, a couple of friends and I got chinese food and döner to go and climbed on top of the Blaue Brücke (blue bridge), which gave us a beautiful view of the city. It was also extremely terrifying because we were just chilling way above the concrete, but nobody fell and we had a great time.

Then a couple of us planned to cook dinner at my apartment, but by the time everyone showed up, there were 10 of us. Luckily, everybody brought whatever they had in their cupboards, so we had more than enough food.  We had a ton of different vegetables (including fried zucchini), fruit salad, salad, and wine. Since we had so much, we didn’t even notice we forgot to cook the chicken I had bought!

Learning Some German

We’re in the middle of a break from class right now. For the first two weeks, all of the IES students have intensive German language courses. Then there’s a week in Berlin before regular classes begin. We only started class yesterday, but it’s going pretty well.

I’m learning more outside of class, though. With the other IES students, I speak mostly Denglish. I’ve started to think in Denglish, which is pretty good. I’ve learned some pretty fun and important new words.

hinzufügen = to add (so fun to say)

ein Kater = a hangover

unglaublich and unglaubwürdig = unbelievable (but in different contexts, unglaublich is like “wow!” and unglaubwürdig is more like “that is not true”)

Ami = slang for Americans

Asi = ghetto

bubblen = to chit chat (it’s Badisch, which is the local dialect)