I’m Basically a Model Now

A few weeks ago, I received an email that I found extremely exciting. Free breakfast and lunch for two whole days. All I had to do was let a photographer take some pictures of me for the IES catalog. It was a great experience; I got a ton of food out of the deal, including pretzels, schnitzel, the Freiburg long red wurst, strawberries, and ice cream. Like I said, very exciting.

I’m also going to receive some great pictures of me and my pretend friends (the other students who signed up for the free food). Right now, I don’t have any of the professional pictures, just some that I took, but rest assured, the pictures are great. We went all around Freiburg yesterday, and today we went into the Black Forest to pretend to go hiking and for a picnic.

Beer was included in the free lunch
Here I am pretending to casually hang out outside

Rothaus Brewery

With the IES group, today I went to a brewery in the Black Forest. Our tour was in German, so I only understood about half, but it was very interesting. Then we had lunch, which I found very strange. First of all, drinking beer before noon is a very German thing to do. Second, I had Käsefleisch, which literally means cheese meat. It was basically a loaf of baloney, but surprisingly not terrible.

After the brewery, we went to a town on the Titisee, where I got to try real German Black Forest cherry cake. Apparently it has alcohol in it. Who knew? I also got to go souvenir shopping a bit. After this, the group went to a church, which was very beautiful. Germany has such gorgeous old churches, and they  make the ones in America seem so bland.