Just Some Mundane Things

I’ve been meaning to record some of the little things so that I can remember them, so be prepared for some boring details about my life.

I take the 3 Bahn towards Haid everyday and get off at Holzmarkt, which is one stop before Bertholds Brunnen (the main street). The IES building is right around the corner. There’s a bakery next to Paula Modersohn Platz, where I get on the tram. I get Brötchen there for .45€. My weakness is the Mohnschnecke, which is kind of like a cinnamon roll with poppyseed (and it translates literally to poppyseed snail).

I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches. I’m addicted to Rosemary chips and can eat a whole bag in one sitting. But I don’t feel guilty because we don’t have them in America, so I need to eat as much as I can while I can. I’ve also been eating a lot of zucchini recently. It’s funny because I never ate zucchini at home, but it’s so common here. All I’ve got to do is put some olive oil and parmesan cheese on top and pop it in the oven, and it’s heaven. Speaking of cooking, the stove only goes up to 3, which I find frustrating.

Capitalism these days

There’s an old gate downtown called Martinstor, but we call it the McDonaldstor, because the McDonalds next to it defaced the beautiful historic monument with a giant ugly sign.

In Germany, there’s no central air, so you’re supposed to leave your window open for a few minutes a couple times a day, and I really enjoy it. Also, there’s no garbage disposal, so you have to scoop out any food bits out of the sink. I enjoy that less.

On Sundays, all stores are closed. The only places open are bakeries, döner restaurants, and cafes. It can be a really relaxing day of the week, or stressful, depending on if I remembered to go grocery shopping on Saturday.

For some reason, it’s not common to pay with credit cards here. Germans usually use cash (Bargeld) or EC cards. A lot of restaurants and smaller stores don’t even accept credit cards, and when they do, it’s a whole process. Sometimes you have to follow your waiter to the computer. You always have to show ID at the grocery store. Honestly, paying with cash would be so much easier, except there are so many coins. Anything smaller than a 5€ is a coin.

Wow, this has gotten kind of long, so I’ll take a break. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the mundane bits and pieces of my life.


One thought on “Just Some Mundane Things

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Emma, I suppose your modeling days are over now, that was so last week! You and your friends did look like German girls especially with your hair in pig tails and braided. You fit right in. I can’t wait till we come over to see and experience some of the things you are. It’s only a little over a month till we are there! I’m glad you are blogging because time goes by and you will forget. Going to lake for the weekend, opening fishing and mother’s day. Have a fun weekend,
    Love you,
    Aunt ann


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