Poland Adventures

Enjoying Poland! Our Airbnb host set us up with a driver today who took us to Auschwitz and the Wieliczka salt mines.

Auschwitz was the third concentration camp that I have been to, but it is hard to compare. Auschwitz is a death camp. 80% of the prisoners were executed upon arrival and so the environment was even more somber than Dachau, which never even used its gas chambers.

The salt mine, on the other hand, was a lot of fun. We went as deep as 135 meters underground (but we were somehow still above sea level). There were tons of cool sculptures and chapels. Most importantly, it was not outside, which is great because it is freezing here. Yesterday, it was snowing the largest snowflakes I have ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Poland Adventures

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Emma, love your updates. I’m so excited to experience some of your adventures soon. So much history. Uncle Jim and I went to see the zoo keepers wife, very moving movie. Love you, aunt ann


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