English Immersion

This weekend (last night, today, and tomorrow), I am working at an English immersion camp in Switzerland. It is wonderful, and the kids are great. They’re supposed to speak English, and we are not supposed to even let them know that we can understand any German. So here are a few of the highlights so far:

  1. One kid said “Scheiße”, but then corrected herself by saying “oh no, I meant shit.”
  2. Another boy asked me “kennen Sie Steve Jobs?” (do you know Steve Jobs). First of all, it was cool that he referred to me with the formal version. And second, I pretended not to understand, so he explained that he had been trying to trick me into speaking German. Now he’s convinced I don’t understand it at all, so he keeps trying to get away with saying cuss words and insults to the other kids.
  3. There were burritos for dinner, which were great, but the salsa was incredibly bland.
  4. I have free time. As a camp counselor, it’s fine if I leave the kids unsupervised, and I don’t have to break up every fight. They just do their own thing. I’m just here to lead activities.



4 thoughts on “English Immersion

    1. I wish I had had more time to get to know it. I was only there for two days, and I spent all my time with middle schoolers, so the main things I observed was that kids are pretty much the same in every country.

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