Berlin Week

Last week, I went with IES to Berlin. I didn’t have a chance to upload my pictures from my camera, so I never wrote any posts. But here are the highlights of the trip:

We took a tour of the Bundeskanzleramt, where Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel works. I was in the same building as the leader of the free world. It was a pretty cool building, too. The floor plan was very open and modern, and there was art everywhere.

We also got to go across the street to the Reichstag, where we went up to the roof. The dome was closed for cleaning, but we got to look down on the Berlin skyline. the city is really beautiful.

Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing Checkpoint Charlie, the gate between the American and Russian sectors of Berlin. It was very cool to see the “you are now leaving the American sector” sign in person. And I found out that it says something different on the back.

The DDR Museum was definitely one of the coolest museums I’ve ever seen. It had a whole collection of rooms that were set up like an East German apartment with information on everything. I do think that the museum seemed biased, though; it was very clear that the museum curators looked down on the DDR.


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