Türkisch für Anfänger

I don’t know if any of you are looking for a German tv show recommendation, but let me just tell you about the glory that is Türkisch für Anfänger. The title translates to Turkish for beginners. It is basically the German Brady Bunch, and I am hooked. Basically, a German woman and her two kids move in with her Turkish boyfriend and his two kids. Lena, the German daughter, is the main character, and she hates her new life. There’s drama, there’s romance, there’s family, there’s friendship, there’s angsty teenagers, there’s an excessive amount of throwing oneself on a bed crying, borderline incest (they’re step-siblings, but still). You’ll love it. It’s on youtube, watch it.

I’ve also learned a lot of German words from this show. Bescheuert, ständig, feigling, pass auf, all sorts of new words and phrases. In other words, this show is educational, and I should feel no guilt for binging it.

I can’t figure out why Nils isn’t in this picture I found, but I couldn’t find a better one. I don’t know why he’s always overlooked; he’s the only kid who wants to be a happy family. But apparently he’s going to leave the show(?), I don’t know I’m not that far yet.

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