One Long Drink

Like true Germans, my friends and I dedicated our free Sunday to drinking. First, we went to “American brunch” at a restaurant here, which was hilarious. I figured that Germany’s version of American brunch wouldn’t be the exact same as America’s, but I was still pretty surprised. There were no mimosas, which we all know is the most important part of brunch. Like classy Americans, we just ordered orange juices and a bottle of champagne and made our own. As for the food, it was wild. I think that the buffet style is what made it “American”? There was typical German food like bread, cheese, müsli, pastries, potato salad. There was also what I guess Germans expect from Americans: onion rings, chicken nuggets and chicken

My pina colada was everything I hoped it would be and more.

wings, jalapeno poppers, cold breakfast burritos. My personal favorite was the bacon-wrapped cantaloupe, because why would someone want that. Most importantly, there was not a pancake in sight. The sign advertising “American brunch” just showed the most beautiful stack of pancakes, but there wasn’t a single pancake or waffle. Very disappointing. Also, there was an omelet station, but nobody was standing there, so we didn’t get eggs either.

After spending a few hours enjoying our bottomless brunch, we decided to go to the Uni Cafe for drinks. At this point it was about 3 in the afternoon. So we spent a few hours there, before splitting up for a couple of hours to do homework (or in my case, watch Türkisch für Anfänger). Then, we met up again for dinner, where we both ordered döner and made pasta, while finishing several bottles of wine. There was also a couple of rousing games of mafia, during one of which I was somehow singled out as the mafia on the first turn, so I must be pretty bad at the game.


One thought on “One Long Drink

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh Emma, I had to laugh all the way through today’s blog. What a adventure and the things you are learning😉!
    Love you, aunt ann


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