A Beautiful Day

The past week, I’ve mostly been getting into a routine and working hard in my German class. I’ve been learning a lot, and my teacher told me that I could move up from the middle class to the top class, but I decided not to do so. I really like our group of people, and frankly, I think that the other class would be too challenging. Yesterday was the last day of OIL classes (intensive two-week German language) and the first beautiful day all week. After the test, my class went to get coffee and sit outside in the sun. For lunch, a couple of friends and I got chinese food and döner to go and climbed on top of the Blaue Brücke (blue bridge), which gave us a beautiful view of the city. It was also extremely terrifying because we were just chilling way above the concrete, but nobody fell and we had a great time.

Then a couple of us planned to cook dinner at my apartment, but by the time everyone showed up, there were 10 of us. Luckily, everybody brought whatever they had in their cupboards, so we had more than enough food.  We had a ton of different vegetables (including fried zucchini), fruit salad, salad, and wine. Since we had so much, we didn’t even notice we forgot to cook the chicken I had bought!


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