Learning Some German

We’re in the middle of a break from class right now. For the first two weeks, all of the IES students have intensive German language courses. Then there’s a week in Berlin before regular classes begin. We only started class yesterday, but it’s going pretty well.

I’m learning more outside of class, though. With the other IES students, I speak mostly Denglish. I’ve started to think in Denglish, which is pretty good. I’ve learned some pretty fun and important new words.

hinzufügen = to add (so fun to say)

ein Kater = a hangover

unglaublich and unglaubwürdig = unbelievable (but in different contexts, unglaublich is like “wow!” and unglaubwürdig is more like “that is not true”)

Ami = slang for Americans

Asi = ghetto

bubblen = to chit chat (it’s Badisch, which is the local dialect)


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