Here at Last

Today (and yesterday, but it feels like one whole long day) has been very up and down. My flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was delayed. When we finally arrived over an hour late, we had to deplane into the cold wind and take a shuttle to the gate, from where I had to run to my next flight. I was the very last person to board, and I was told my luggage would not be on board. Since I wanted to make it to Freiburg on time, I got on the plane anyway. When we landed, I had trouble finding someone to ask about my suitcase, and I got very lost. Eventually, I found where I needed to go, and two nice women from the same flight helped me out. My bag should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

After that was all settled, I got lost trying to find the Fernbahnhof (train station), where two girls named Emma and Olivia were waiting for me. However, they had already gotten tickets for the next train and Julia was still looking for us. I ended up waiting for Julia while they went ahead. Julia and I found each other eventually and found that we have a lot in common. We took the train together and had an hour-long stop in Karlsruhe. We got to the IES Center 15 minutes late, but we got the information we needed and headed to our apartments.

This is what the living room in my apartment looks like.
This is what the living room in my apartment looks like.

Christina, my housing tutor, showed me my room. I barely said hello to my flatmates, dropped off my stuff, and went to the restaurant where the rest of the IES students who are also staying in Vauban were waiting. It was awkward at first since we were all speaking German. By the end, though, I had a good time. And the schnitzel and spätzle were delicious. I had a little trouble finding my apartment, but I made it eventually. After I talked to my flatmates for a little bit, I went to my room to unpack the little luggage I do have, talk to my parents, and rest. I haven’t slept since I left Lexington over 24 hours ago.


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